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How to Filter Fluoride
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How to Filter Radiation
How to Filter Fluoride

Pure and Alkaline Water
Limit Fluoride to Prevent Lead Poisoning
Why fluoridation is illegal
Pharmaceutical Contamination of Water
Bioethicist: Drug The Drinking Water
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Reverse Osmosis Inline Sediment Filter Cartridge
Reverse Osmosis Inline Sediment Filter Cartridge
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Top » Catalog » ProPur Gravity Filters » WFP-3004 » Fluoride Water Pitcher - ProOneG2.0M
Propur™ Water Filter Pitcher Benefits

» Remarkably Clean and Healthy Water - Removes
        more contaminants than other brands while
        retaining beneficial minerals
     » Longer lasting filters – up to 6 months
     » Save $$’s per year vs. bottled water
     » Better for the Environment - No plastic bottles to
        collect in landfills
     » Fluoride removal with ProOne™G2.0M
     » Glyphosate removal with

    Ideal for use with most water sources including;
    Tap, Lake, Stream, River, Rain, Well and Pond water

  Propur™ Water Pitcher Specifications

     » BPA free 
     » 3.5 Liter Overall capacity
     » 1.75 Liter Filtered water capacity
     » Ideal for Refrigerator Storage
     » Easy Fill Flip Open Lid
     » Simple Set Up and Use
     » No Unsightly Filter Hanging In Water Storage Area
     » Cleanable Filter Elements

» Primary Contaminants removed or reduced by all Propur™ Water Pitcher filters includes:
Chlorine, Chloramines, Chlorine Taste & Odor, Heavy Metals, Turbidity, Cysts, VOC's
Propur™ Water Pitcher filters leave in good minerals
» Filters are easy to clean to maximize usage
» ProOne™G2.0M "ALL-IN-ONE" filter removes or reduces Fluoride, Glyphosate and more

NEW Comparision Chart: ProOne™G2.0M vs. The Competition

Note: This is one of the most effective pitchers on the market. It will filter contaminants that most pitchers will not. One of the reasons this is possible is the slower flow rate of the filter. It will take around 3 hrs to filter one batch of water. If higher speed is more important to you we recommend our countertop double system found here:

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