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How to Filter Fluoride
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How to Filter Fluoride

Pure and Alkaline Water
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Water Cooler/Reverse Osmosis Multi-Stage Filter Cartridge
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The ProBlack+™ Advanced Fluoride Filters, sold in pairs, consists of granular activated carbon based media and is designed to help reduce heavy metals, arsenic, fluoride, Bromine, Pesticides and chlorine/chloramine found in drinking water. Reduction will vary dependent upon the contaminants contained in your water supply. Some contaminants will be more easily filtered than others. Percentage of reductions will vary from 50% to 95% over the life of the filter elements based on the level of contaminant(s) found in your water supply.

The reduction efficiencies that may be achieved are as follows:

      50% - 95% for Fluoride
    >50% to include Mercury and Silver
    >80% to include Aluminum, Arsenic III, Arsenic V,    
Chromium VI, Iron, Maganese
     >90% to include Copper, Nickel, Zinc
     >95% to include Lead

     Will also help reduce Strontium, Uranium and Vanadium

The ProBlack+™ Advanced Fluoride Filter s "piggy back" onto the stem on the bottom side of the ProBlack-D  water filter elements. Due to the wide variety of contaminants that may be present in your water supply, the length of time the ProBlack+™ Advanced Fluoride Filterrequires for replacement may vary. Under normal conditions, it is recommended that you replace yourProBlack+™ Advanced Fluoride Filters atleast every 6 months.  

ProBlack+ Advanced Fluoride Filters - $59.00/pr

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