Fluoride Water Pitcher - ProOneG2.0M

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  • Fluoride Water Pitcher - ProOneG2.0M

Fluoride Water Pitcher - ProOneG2.0M

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Quick Overview

The ProOneG2.0M is not your ordinary store bought water pitcher. It is the only water pitcher on the market that will effectively filter fluoride along with many other contaminants. Including Chlorine, Chloramines, Chlorine Taste & Oder, Heavy Metals, Turbidity, Cysts, VOC's and Glyphosate. It comes with one filter ready to use. If you are looking for extremely pure water from a convenient pitcher in your fridge this is the product for you!


 Use as a standard water filter pitcher or unscrew the fruit infusion tube and add your favorite fruits or veggies.. 

Propur Water Filter Pitcher Benefits

»Remarkably Clean and Healthy Water - Removes
        more contaminants than other brands while
        retaining beneficial minerals
     » Longer lasting filters up to 6 months
     » Save $$s per year vs. bottled water
     » Better for the Environment - No plastic bottles to
        collect in landfills
     » Fluoride removal with ProOneG2.0M
      » Glyphosate removal with

    Ideal for use with most water sources including;
    Tap, Lake, Stream, River, Rain, Well and Pond water

  Propur Water Pitcher Specifications

» BPA free 
     » 3.5 liter overall capacity
     » 1.55 liter filtered water capacity
     » Ideal for refrigerator storage
     » New easy to refill lid
     » Simple set up and use 
     » No unsightly filter hanging In water storage area
     » Includes 1 filter element

» Easy to remove fruit infusion tube


» ProOne™G2.0M "ALL-IN-ONE" filter reduces and/or removes:
                                     Chlorine, Chloramines, Chlorine Taste & Odor, Heavy Metals, Turbidity, Cysts, VOC's,
                                     Fluoride, Glyphosate, pathogenic bacteria, viruses, pharmaceutical drugs, and more!
                                  » To see the complete list of contaminants, click on lab reports NSF42/53 P231
                                  » ProOne™G2.0M "ALL-IN-ONE" filter leaves in good minerals
                                  » Easy to clean to maximize usage - good up to 6 months with one filter
                                  » Silver impregnated to help prevent the growth of bacteria
                                  » Passes red and blue food dye test
                                  » Requires NO priming of the filter
                                  » ProOne® G2.0M is made in England & USA


ProOne™G2.0 Water & Fluoride Filter Element Technical Information click here

 Updated Lab Report click here and independent laboratory certification click here.

Propur pitcher Fluoride

NEW Comparision Chart: ProOneG2.0M vs. The Competition

Note: This is one of the most effective pitchers on the market. It will filter contaminants that most pitchers will not. One of the reasons this is possible is the slower flow rate of the filter. It will take around 2 hrs to filter one batch of water. If higher speed is more important to you we recommend our countertop double system found here:

SKU WFP-3004
Country of Manufacture United States
Dimensions 10” L x 5” W x 10.5” H
  1. Delicious Water Review by Kim

    I love my gravity water pitcher. I read the reviews so I knew it would take a while for each pitcher full to filter through. Oh but so worth it. I just pour it into a larger container and keep refilling since I drink so much water. I am amazed at how crisp and clean my water tastes. I use it for my pets,(they love it too!), my coffee and tea. I feel great knowing that I am not ingesting fluoride and other unwanted chemicals on a daily basis! (Posted on 3/22/2019)

  2. Fluoride Pitcher makes good drinking water Review by Mary

    I switched to the purewaterfreedom fluoride pitcher after reading about the negative affects that fluoride and chlorine in the tap water can have on the body and that this pitcher provides much better removal of these substances. I like the pitcher over the larger systems due to having small available space. I had one problem where the water would not go through for days and I was told it could be the lid is very tight. I think the tight lid caused the water to stop flowing through because when I lightly set the top on the pitcher without pushing it down, the water flowed through normally. You do want a tight seal when you pour the filtered water out and there is still some tap water left in the top section that is not yet filtered. I don't have the answer but maybe if the manufacturer put a tiny hole in the cover that might prevent the cover from sealing too tight and stopping the water flow; then I could always leave the cover on as far as it goes. Other than that I am very impressed with this product as well as with the Replacement Cartridge. (Posted on 3/19/2019)

  3. Works well Review by Joseph

    The filter works well. I am disgusted however, I emailed PWF about the lid of the pitcher dripping unfiltered water into my glass or other places I pour it. They have NEVER replied. So PWF is all about taking your money and as chef Ramsey says... piss off after the sale. (Posted on 3/17/2019)

  4. Guarding Our Health Review by Deni Hug

    I was so please to find such a product that removes fluoride. I have an autistic grandson as well as 4 others grand kids and I want to give them the best chance. Removing this dangerous component is vital. Thanks for offering this at a great price. (Posted on 3/11/2019)

  5. Excellent Drinking Water Review by Carol

    I've had this water pitcher/filter for over a year and feel very confident about the quality of water I'm drinking. The filter is easy to change, drips fast enough to provide water as needed but slowly enough to ensure me that my tap water is actually going through a filtration process. Love it! (Posted on 3/11/2019)

  6. Great tasting clean water for my autoimmune disease Review by Julie

    This is great tasting clean water you can feel good about drinking. I have Hashimoto’s and need to drink fluoride free water and I found this pitcher which is great! It also gets rid of many other toxins that I need to eliminate as much as I can to live a healthy lifestyle. I didn’t need a whole house water filter just what I drink and shower with so this along with their shower filters are wonderful! I do wish the pitcher filtered quicker but I do understand why it can’t when it removes so many impurities in the water. This is a must have! (Posted on 3/10/2019)

  7. we love the water from this pitcher. Review by Mary A

    we love the water from this pitcher. We can hold up 2 glasses: one with water from another pitcher/filter and one from the Pure Water pitcher/filter. The smell of chlorine is gone in the Pure Water - and the taste is just plain water. Thanks so much for making this product. (Posted on 9/14/2017)

  8. Pure Tasting Water Review by MJ

    Great product for clean tasting water. There is an immediate difference in taste between the water from the Brita filter and this filter.
    This product exceeded my expectations and I loved it so much that I used the filtered water for everything even cooking. The pitcher was a bit small for my use so I went to a bigger filter. (Posted on 11/19/2016)

  9. Noticeable Difference! Review by David

    This product is legit. Just take a look at their updated lab report and certification. But the real winner is the taste and knowing that the water is safe and healthy. There is an immediate difference in taste between the water from the Brita filter and this filter. The water is "lighter". I couldn't go back to any other filter. Worth the money. (Posted on 10/23/2015)

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