About Us

Our Story

Pure Water Freedom was founded in 2010 with the idea of offering a free market solution to the problem of water fluoridation. It all started when we came across the information at We instantly started to question why such a toxic chemical, such as fluoride, would be added to the water supply of millions of people to supposedly protect from tooth decay. Obviously, the best solution would be to stop the practice of water fluoridation all together. This is slowly happening but unfortunately government is slow to act and this may still be many years away.

The search began for a way to filter fluoride. We found that there wasn’t much choice out there. Most water filters did not filter fluoride and the ones that did were hard to find, overpriced and not ideal. Thus Pure Water Freedom was born. We started out offering fluoride filters that shipped directly from the manufacturer, to offer the best price possible. That has grown into offering many types of fluoride filters as well as a full line of products for any water filtration need. The vast majority of our products are made in the USA.

Understanding that the best solution is still to stop water fluoridation completely. We support, with our advertising dollars, organizations that spread the truth about water fluoridation. We also use social media and email newsletters to spread important information about fluoridation with the hope of one day stopping the practice.

Why Freedom?

The word Freedom was chosen for our name because we believe people should have the freedom to choose what is in their water. Fluoridation is the practice of forced medication via the water supply. We are strongly opposed to the idea that people should be forced to ingest any contaminant in their water, specifically fluoride. Freedom was also chosen because we value the principals of freedom and liberty. We reflect this by spending our advertising dollars with companies that hold the same values.