Pure and Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is believed by many to stop free radicals from forming, flush toxins from cells and prevent toxins from accumulating, provide essential minerals, promote normal blood flow and maintain normal blood pH. Alkaline water also is said to be better at hydrating the body because it penetrates cells more effectively.

At PureWaterFreedom we believe that your water should be pure and contaminant free before considering alkalinity. By now you have probably seen special water "ionizers" that create alkaline water being marketed aggressively. These units can cost upwards of $1000-$3000 and will not filter many contaminants. Fluoride being one of the contaminants not filtered by these units.

With 0ptional add-on

A natural (Alkalinize) ionizer, mineralizer, and oxidation cartridge


Our solution to give you the purest water possible that is also alkaline is to add our Alkalinizing cartridge to our reverse osmosis systems. These systems with the alkalinizing start at $226. That is a fraction of the cost of the competitors $1000-$3000 units. Our systems will not only give you alkaline water but remove harmful contaminants such as fluoride, Aluminum, radioactivity and hundreds of other contaminants the overpriced units do not remove.

Affordable Pure & Alkaline water!

Not only are our alkalized reverse osmosis systems the most sensible option they are the most affordable. We have reverse osmosis systems designed for under your sink as well as the countertop. Just look for the option and choose, "WITH Alkalinize, mineralizer, and oxidation cartridge" to enjoy pure alkaline water.